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Автор Тема Pressure & Zenn Vocal Flavas Vol 1
garridge lover


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Pressure & Zenn Vocal Flavas Vol 1

Было на сликнфрэш, товарищ Zenn попросил запостить его тут, за неимением возможности зарегаться.)

DJ Zenn dropped a mail into the Slick n Fresh inbox to tell us about his new mix CD he put together with DJ Pressure.

Vocal Flavas Volume 1 is a traditional old school rinse-out. Pressure & Zenn have employed the likes of MC RB, MC Hyperactive & MC Cobra to back them up on this one. It's definitely worth getting hold of for a bubblin' rinse out; be it at home, at work, in the motor or on the iPod

Track list

UK Flava Mashup - Duncan Powell
Sugar is Sweeter - CJ Bolland (AVH DnB Mix)
Who's the better man - Robbie Craig vs Gerideau
Rip Groove - Double 99
Hype The Funk - Reach n Spin
Know We - Pay as U Go (Paleface Remix)
? - Musical Mob
God Made Me Phunky - Mike Dunn feat MD Express
I Refuse (to believe) [Industry Standard Mix] - Somore
All I Do (Bump n Flex Dub Mix) - Cleptomaniacs
Basslick (Remix) - 2nd Protocol
Mic Tribute - United Grooves feat Gods Gift
Saved Soul - DJ Narrows
Taboo (MJ Cole Remix) - Shola Ama & Glamma Kid
My Desire (Dreem Team Remix) - Amira
Go DJ - Jammin
Pulse X - Musical Mob
I Wanna Know - Restless Natives
Little Man (Exemen Remix) - S.I.A
Battle - Wookie
Hold On - Jammin
Bullacake - Dexplicit
Flatbeat - Mr Oizo
As We Do - Jammin
Devil In a Blue Dress - Donea'o
Urban Hero - Jameson
Things We Do - Sticky feat Kele le Roc
Where's your love - Craig David
Hold Tight - 1 Upfront
Enough is Enough - Y-tribe
Hackney soldiers - Da string tune



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garridge raver

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