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Vaden - Garage Inflections @ Megapolis 89.5 Fm 22.04.2017
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Vaden - Garage Inflections @ Megapolis 89.5 Fm 28.01.2017
Vaden - Garage Inflections @ Megapolis 89.5 Fm 24.12.2016


MAJESTIC/VARIOUS - Pure House & Garage 2

New State
25 2017
You Don't Know Me (feat Raye)
You Want Me (feat Sadie Ama)
On My Mind
Crank It (feat Nadia Rose & Sweetie Irie)
Closer Than Close (feat BB Diamond)
What's Going On? (feat Roxanne Shante)
Naughty Sesh
Same Man
King Kong
After Midnight (feat Nighcrawlers)
Can't Lie (feat Geneva White)
You & Me
Burnin' Up
My Love 4 You (feat A*M*E)
Places (feat Ina Wroldsen)
Live My Life (feat Kelsey)
I Quit
Show You Love (feat Hailee Steinfeld - MJ Cole remix)
One More Time
Bad Selection
Raised In The 90s (Ill Phil remix)
Hands Of Time
Tonight (feat Mike Jay)
I Hear You Calling
Always Gonna Be (feat Alex Mills)
Up & Down
Got No Love (feat Maddy Carty)
Let's Go Back (Cause & Affect remix)
Nite & Day
Bass Too Dark (feat Kie)
You Know, Right?
Down (feat Karen Harding - VIP)
Freakin' (Foor edit)
Could You Love Me? (Control S remix)
Touch (feat Arlissa - Majestic vs Control-S remix)
Move Your Body
Flowers (Majestic & That Guy remix)
I Believe
Ride On Time
Gypsy Woman (She's Homeless) (Basement Boy Strip To The Bone mix)
I Luv U Baby (Ben Dooks remix)
Madan (Martin Solveig Exotic Disco mix)
God Made Me Phunky
My Love (Soulecta remix)
Imagine (club Asylum remix)
Freak Out (feat Ras - Thorn remix)
Bodyswerve (feat Mica Paris)
Don't Call Me Baby (The Dronez Old School vocal mix)
Feelin' Love (Soulsearcher club mix)
Thrill Me
Big Fun (The Classic Magic Juan mix Remake)
Love Shy (Tuff Jam vocal mix)
Do You Want It Right Now (Richie 94 mix)
Gabriel (feat Peven Everett - live Garage mix)



. c :

. : ORIGINAL NUTTER - Oi! Nutter! (reissue)

DJ Reenat Veep - 1,2 Step Mix
Dj Gogezze - the roots of RAGGAGARAGE
DJ Altero - Spring Flavor Mix
DJ Snezhana Clefy - Diversity of UKG
Dj Timij - Easy Strider
Dj Gogezze - The roots of RAGGAGARAGE vol.2
DJ FStep - Summer Fresh


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